Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Woah, dude!

The attentive reader may have noted that, when I was muttering about the reality-based community, I dropped some fairly heavy hints that membership of the RBC was not the only, or even necessarily the best, way to run one's life. That ties in with the rather incoherent post about just getting on with it.

I think I've actually managed to figure out how to turn the get-up-and-go attitude on and off at will. It's really weird - I get roughly the same sensation as when I'm riding the tail end of an all-night work session. Imagination stops. Distractions cease to distract. I no longer have a strong urge to read, blog or laze about.

What's slightly worrying me is that this attitude doesn't feel particularly contrived - I'm not acting it out, I'm just changing into a pre-existing gear. That opens up the rather worrying possibility that, if I get too used to this new mode, I'll get stuck like that. Which would rather suck.

I always laugh when I see cartoons about people smoking weed and going into obscure speculation about the nature of mind. I guess I just find it strange that some people need drugs for that...

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