Sunday, April 16, 2006

Putting my money where my mouth is

In the last post, I waxed eloquently about the value of a reality-based approach to the world. As I mentioned, a key part of this is testing one's understanding against the facts and the alternative hypotheses to the greatest extent possible. That's where this thread comes in.

If you have seen me make any statement that you disagree with, and you think your position is better backed up by facts and logic than mine, this is the thread for you. Tear down my views and/or build up your own, and show no mercy. If I feel you have a more watertight case than me, I'll publically concede. If you manage to overturn one of my more fundamental precepts, for example my atheism, I'll send you a bottle of Scotch (P&P charges permitting).

Additionally, feel free to insist that I provide support for any position that you feel I haven't fully justified. Be as inquisitorial as you like!

All this can be considered to be a standing offer - it's in no way limited to this thread - but having as much of the discussion in one place as possible can't hurt.

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