Thursday, April 13, 2006

Cliché Invasion #1

Every so often, someone comes out with a comment that Just Works. It's a cliché in the making, a meme waiting to spread. It encapsulates some concept so beautifully that you just know you're still going to be using it in fifty years time (to the great annoyance of those around you).

On the off-chance I come up with bon mots of this sort, I'll stick 'em here. First entry (in response to this comment):

I think the problem is more that the faithful have all their eggs in one basket, and are thus made happier by evidence that it’s a well-woven basket than evidence that the handle’s about to break. As such, they tend to convince themselves that the former is correct and the latter is merely misguided anti-basket sentiment.

The result? They end up as complete basket cases.

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