Sunday, October 18, 2009


You know that guy? The one who is always in great shape despite apparently living off fast food. The one who always gets top marks despite apparently never revising for exams. The one who can drive, skate, ski, swim, fight, play every card game known to man, and all without ever seeming to break a sweat.

Everyone knows someone like this (guy or girl). After years of wondering how the blazes they do all that and still look so laid back, I've come to a conclusion.

They're frauds.

Sure, they may have a slightly broader range of talents than the average bloke. Sure, they possibly started out with slightly better strength and dexterity than us mere mortals. But there is no level of innate ability that could set them that high above the rest of us.

I think that, for every burger you see being eaten, there's an hour in the gym that you never find out about. For every cakewalk of an exam, there are many frantic hours of secret preparation. For every activity that they're "just naturally good" at, they have undoubtedly spent time preparing and training.

This is reassuring. It means that anyone can do what that guy does. Anyone can upgrade themselves to the status of god among men. It just takes a lot of work. Specifically, it takes a lot of work without any sort of immediate reward.

I now have a goal in life. Firstly, to practice the discipline required for this sort of long-term training plan. Secondly, to develop the sophistication required to STFU.

I will make better progress towards both of these goals if I get a good eight hours sleep. Goodnight.

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