Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Not Sophistication



This is kinda embarrassing...

How can I put this? Some people are alcoholics. Some people snort cocaine. Some people visit prostitutes. Some people have scary fetishes.

I'm afraid my personal addiction is not nearly as socially acceptable.

Yup, I'm a Dungeons and Dragons webcomic freak.

I swear I never saw it coming. It started off small, just a little bit of Order of the Stick when I was feeling bored. Then a gamer friend landed up in hospital, and I bought him some OOTS books to keep him company, and... I couldn't resist their siren song. I fell into depravity like an expensive, beautifully-painted character model onto a stone floor*.

Next it was Goblins. But hey, two comics ain't so bad. I could give it up any time I liked.

I dabbled with Irregular Webcomic, but quickly moved on to harder drugs. I tasted Looking For Group, and life was sweet for a while.

But then I discovered Darths and Droids and DM Of The Rings. Webcomics about fantasy films, in the style of D&D adventures? I think I've hit bottom here. It's time to admit: I need help.

The really irritating thing is that I don't even play Dungeons and Dragons.

* It's well-known that the force of impact of a dropped model is proportional, not to the height of the table it's knocked off, but to how annoyed you'll be if it gets broken.

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