Saturday, June 03, 2006

Poor quality in action: Let's have a festival!

There's currently a very loud festival going on in the field that's two streets over from me. Incredibly noisy drum music, lots of whistles and stuff. I remember that last year, when I was living in a room looking out onto the festival, the thumping made dust come down my chimney in spurts.

Which would all be well and good, and I'd be out there partying with the rest of them, if they hadn't scheduled it all right in the middle of exam season. It's two days til my exams start and there's no way I'll be able to focus. I'll be lucky if I get any sleep tonight - they play til late iirc. The short conclusion is that their timing lacks quality.

The long conclusion is unprintable.

Update: I originally thought that the drum noise was being amplified by concert-sized speakers. Turns out that they have about 40 drums and people are parading around banging them.
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